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Toss your anchor overboard and put your treasure maps aside, because we’ve found the loot, ways to decorate your house and find hidden treasures in old items. One man's broken terracotta
pot is another man's garden marker.

If you feel like you need an escape from your current décor scheme, take a cue from the original adventurers of the sea pirates!

From sea glass to driftwood, these seafaring swashbucklers were surrounded by interior design booty that puts modern chic décor to shame.

Shhhhh! Don't tell anybody, it's a pirate secret.Anyone caught stealing secrets will walk the plank!


Born in Akron Ohio, a big Sports Fan!

My 8 years in the service of our country, was like whiplash growing up. I traveled much of that time and learned along the way what I enjoyed in my life. I am now a 3 time published author and able to draw from my diverse life experiences. I really am driven by music especially while painting. I dabbled for a time in sculpture using clay and cold cast bronze methods. When my wife and I purchased our first home and added a pool that inspired the garden plan.

Nothing goes better with a pool then a colorful home. Over the years we have enjoyed a floral array in our back yard. Presently I'm training to learn how to road race, quite the shock at my age to suddenly realize you have to learn all over again what it is and how to do it. That's a small map of what I am. Today I am now working on building a premiere home and family site on the Web and changing the world one article at a time!

Terry Scott



Ye just found the best place fer pirates on the web, or at least the best place fer people wantin’ to be pirates . Here ye can shop what ye want the way ye want. Jus' skewer the "Play" button tah get check out our commercial. “Ill skewer yer gizzard, ye salty sea bass... Avast!”

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